GRAPEVINE – 25th November to 9th December 2018

Church Family News

Please remember in your prayers:- Jean Raines who is now out of hospital and into the care of Rosedale. Liz Beattie is taking things a day at a time after her recent knee surgery, Stephanie (nee Hume) is still in hospital following her surgery in Newcastle, and Sue Holden has been extremely poorly and has been back into the care of North Tees. We think of all members of our church family who are maybe struggling with health problems at the present time, and we think of those who are due to undergo hospital tests/operations/treatments for various conditions or waiting for results etc and trust all will go well for them.

We also remember all Church family and friends who can no longer share in fellowship with us because of being housebound or who are now in the loving care of Care Homes in the area, and feel sure that knowing they are in our thoughts and prayers is a comfort to them.

Happy Birthday, Congratulations and Best Wishes to all who have Birthdays and/or Anniversaries

over the next two weeks. We give a special mention of Margaret Mackenzies milestone 80th birthday on Monday 28th, and trust she will enjoy her weekend time away with son Graham and family.

Margaret, the Church Family send Love, Best Wishes and God’s Blessings for this very special birthdayXX

Dates for your Diary


30th November

MWiB Advent Service at Shildon Methodist Church

Stationing announcement from the Circuit Invitation Committee

On Wednesday last week, the Circuit had a visit from the presbyter matched as part of the Stationing Process. We are pleased to announce that following the visit, Rev. Dr. Martin Ramsden accepted our invitation to join the Circuit Ministry Team from 1st September 2019, subject to the ratification of the stations by the 2019 Methodist Conference.

We give thanks to God for this gift and ask for your prayers for Martin, Sarah, Nathan and Sophie in the coming months as Martin prepares for a new role and a different type of relationship with the churches in the Circuit from September 2019.

Christmas Fair – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!

Once again – a very successful and enjoyable fundraising event with lots of welcome strangers sharing in friendship and exchanging conversations. We give thanks to everyone who supported the Fair IN ANY WAY, particularly in the preparations for the event, manning tables for lunches and refreshments, together with all stall holders, ‘at their stations’ whilst our Fair was in ‘full swing’ and for all help given (at the end of the day) in turning what was our ‘Fairground’ back into our worship area for Sunday morning worship. Great team work. This year’s Fair raised £1,781 which helps to ensure that our Church stays established in the Hartburn community.

All We Can Appeal for Indonesia

A cheque in the sum of £139 has been forwarded from Greens Lane to All we Can to assist in helping those who suffered so much in the disaster and are still suffering in the aftermath. Many thanks for your response to our request for donations.

Christmas Tidings Magazine

This year definitely is flying by especially now we have had our Christmas Fair! Margaret & John Schofield always produce a Tidings Magazine for Christmastime and they apologise for being a little late (due to unforeseen circumstances) in asking for articles for the next issue, but would appreciate anything anyone has for inclusion in the next edition, to be with them by Wednesday 28th November – that is NEXT Wednesday. Articles can be emailed to them at Thank You

It’s Quiz Time Again !!!!

Yes, John Schofield has been busy once again sorting out another Quiz, this time it has been called a ‘Christmas Round & Round Quiz’, and the handy clue is that all answers are either circular or spherical.

It is just the thing to keep beside your armchair or settee on the dark nights that seem to have settled around us very quickly – and to pick up and put down when answers may (or may not) pop into your head. The funds raised from the quiz sheets – which cost just a £1 will be donated to Church Funds. Many thanks John for taking the time to set this up for us – your efforts are greatly appreciated.

A Positive TRAIDCRAFT update

We are pleased to have been advised that Traidcraft will evolve into a smaller, more efficient organisation. Following extensive consultations and offers of help from friends and supporters, the business will move forward with a smaller product range whilst still supporting as many of their suppliers/producers and working closely with their sister charity Traidcraft Exchange.

Traidcraft will celebrate it’s 40th birthday next year and they are determined to celebrate like the fair trade revolutionaries they are. For further details please see the memo on TRAIDCRAFT information board above the pigeon holes and please keep ordering from the current catalogue.

Sunday Morning Refreshments

It will soon be time to type up and circulate the new Rota for our helpers who prepare and serve refreshments on a Sunday morning, and we wonder if there is anyone who feels they could offer to help in this way. Your ‘turn’ would come around once every 6/7 weeks (at the moment), but if we can encourage another few helpers then it eases the load on all the Sunday morning refreshment team. Please consider if YOU could offer to do this and if so have a word with Judy Morrison. Thank You

Knitting Needles at the Ready !

A couple of weeks ago our Knit & Natter Group was asked (by Colin Brookes) if there was any possibility of being able to provide some pull on hats for the crew members of boats/tankers that come into dock on the Tees. As many church family members know, Colin and Barbara distribute, in order to spread the’ Good News’, New Testament Bibles to many, many venues on behalf of the GideonsUK, One of Colin’s visits is to North Gare and in particular the Mission to Seafarers (used to be known as Mission to Seamen, and still has the flying angel logo on their flag) and it was his cohort there who had mentioned needing hats. Our knitting group can ‘knit like mad!’, but a little help in being able to make a good stock of hats for distribution would be appreciated. Perhaps you haven’t picked up a pair of knitting needles for many years and yet the rudiments of knitting have never left you. If anyone fancies having a go at knitting a hat (very easy in Aran yarn), then please have a word with Judy who will be pleased to supply pattern, needles (if necessary) and wool. As a group we already make balaclava helmets for the Apostleship of the Sea charity which operates out of Teesport, so we would be then serving both North & South sides of the river Knitting is said to be very therapeutic and as the days become darker and colder,the best place to be is sat by the fire knitting something that you know will be greatly appreciated.

Memorabilia’ relating to Hartburn/Greens Lane Church or Fairfield Church

Jim Bruce is still quite happy to receive anything that you think should maybe kept which will help to detail the life of the two churches prior to amalgamating, also anything which enlightens folk about church life at Greens Lane.

Unwanted Jewellery

Sandra Wilkinson who kindly took on our stamp collecting, also has ‘fingers in other pies’ and has asked that via Grapevine we mention that she also collects, from various sources, unwanted jewellery which goes on to help the Alzheimer’s Society. If you do have any (of any description) that you wish to donate, please give it directly to Sandra or leave in “W” pigeon hole from where she will collect

Forthcoming MWiB Events – dates for diaries

The annual District Advent Service is set to be held at Shildon Methodist Church on Friday 30th November coffee from 10.30 with service commencing at 11.00 am followed by Soup lunch.

Please remember to keep saving postage stamps so we can support ‘Kidney Care; was 6,516 now 6,607

Please remember to pop into the large green bin anything that can be passed on to local asylum seekers

Please remember that we, as a Church, are supporters of Fairtrade products


Sunday 25th November at the Oakwood Centre.


A night of worship, prayer and unity for the whole of Jesus’ Church in Teeside. 6.00 – 7.30pm

Everyone Welcome

Walk Down Memory Lane Wednesday 28th November 1.00 – 3.00pm Dementia Friendly Tea/Coffee Afternoon at The Forge, Norton Green, TS20 1EJ. These events which are held monthly are not just for those directly affected by dementia, or memory loss and carers, but for anyone who would enjoy reminiscing in a friendly environment with a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake.

St. Andrews Methodist Church – A message from Anne Day our circuit Baptismal Support Worker confirms the time of the ‘Silent Disco’ to be held at St. Andrews as 3.45pm – 6.00pm. Anne also asks for help in setting up 3 – 4pm or help to run the event (3.45 – 6.00) or help tidy up (6 – 7 pm). They also need a Steward on the door and anyone who can circulate and talk to families. The event is aimed at families who access the Church through Stockton Hope Food Bank and Baptism Families.

For info………. At a silent disco, wireless headphones are used. People hear the music through the headphones and they choose what they want to listen/dance.

Thornaby Methodist Church – we are reminded that each Sunday morning from 10.30 am they have ‘Godly Play’ which is run by David Parkin. He says “Wonder and explore the Bible in a relaxed setting with your children – open to all”

From the writings of Francis Gay in The Friendship Book

When Henry Trengrouse was a young man in Helston, Cornwall, he witnessed a terrible disaster in which a ship was wrecked in a storm with the loss of about 100 lives. Afterwards, he couldn’t get out of his mind how he and others had watched helplessly as the vessel sank offshore. If only, he thought, it had been possible to bridge that terrible gap.

Some time later he was watching a fireworks display. As the rockets shot into the air, he suddenly realised they were the answer.

Henry began a long series of experiments which resulted in his “Rocket Life Saving Apparatus” demonstrated in 1816. He showed how a rocket fired from a musket could shoot a light line on to a distressed ship. Once the line was secured on deck, a heavier rope could be hauled aboard and those in danger brought ashore.

It was to be a long time before the rocket came into regular use, and Henry himself received little credit or reward, but how proud he would have been to know that his invention has been responsible for saving countless lives.

We pray for all seafarers who work aboard ship, very often in horrendous conditions,

and trust and give thanks that at the end of their time at sea

each one of them is happily reunited with their families.

The next Grapevine, will be issued on 9th December 2018

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