GRAPEVINE – 14th to 28th April 2019.

Church Family News

Please remember in your prayers:- Anyone you may know who at the present time is not too well. We think of all members of our church family who are maybe struggling with health, and we think of those who are due to undergo hospital tests operations, treatments for various conditions or waiting for results etc and trust all will go well for them.

We also remember all Church family and friends who can no longer share in fellowship with us because of being housebound or who are now in the loving care of Care Homes in the area, and feel sure that knowing they are in our thoughts and prayers is a comfort to them.

Happy Birthday, Congratulations and Best Wishes to all who have Birthdays and/or Anniversaries over the next two weeks.

Dates for your Diary

Maundy Thursday

18th April

Soup supper followed by simple Holy Communion

Good Friday

19th April

Walk of Witness followed by worship at 10.30 am


20th April

Coffee morning when flowers may be brought for decorating the Church.


30th April

General Church Meeting – open to all. First item on the Agenda = Fish and Chips ! See later notice


18th May

Jumble Sale Coffee Morning in aid of Christian Aid

South East Africa Cyclone Appeal via All We Can

Thank you to everyone who donated to the above Appeal following the cyclone which had such devastating results over a wide area. We are pleased to announce that a cheque in the sum of £320 has been forwarded to All We Can. This Methodist Charity will have sent instant aid at the time of the disaster, and our donations will help to replenish the cost of items required for the aid and therefore monies will be readily available should it be needed at any time in the future.

Easter Offering Envelopes

As everyone will note, Easter Offering envelopes have been distributed around the pews in our Church, for anyone who wishes to make a donation to World Mission. This is not just done at Greens Lane, but throughout the Stockton Circuit, and all funds raised from donations will be dedicated at the Circuit Evening Service which is to be held at Greens Lane on Sunday 5th May. The cheques will then be banked and the total forwarded to World Mission Fund of the Methodist Church in Britain, to be allocated for work in our 65 Partner Churches around the world. Thanks are extended to Methodist Women in Britain for running this appeal, and for making a difference by contributing to God’s mission in this way. The title for this year’s Easter Offering Service is “Longer Tables, Lower Fences”. Anne Browse, who was the facilitator at MWiB’s overnighter at Minsteracres three years ago, has been one of the main contributors in the preparation of the service.

Gentle Reminder

Please remember that there will NOT be a coffee morning at Church on Tuesday 16th April, but we look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 23rd after the Easter break

Easter Treats – from Margaret Walton

On behalf of Tots and Toddlers, a very big Thank You for the lovely Easter gesture for all children coming through the doors at Greens Lane to attend whichever group they belonged to. Our ‘Tiny Tots’ received white chocolate buttons and Toddlers an Easter egg, together with a leaflet depicting the Easter Story for each of them. Their ‘treat’s looked ‘eggsellent’ when handed out, as they were in lovely little crocheted baskets that had been made for especially for them – a huge thank you to Christine Deane for using her talents in this way! Everyone loved receiving their gifts and were touched by the thoughts and blessings from Church.

Church Stewards

We have been appealing for several weeks for volunteer Steward/s to replace Chris Smart who will be standing down at the end of April after eight years as a Steward, including serving as Senior Steward for part of that time.

Therefore, if anyone (or hopefully more), is/are wondering whether they should come forward, please give this earnest, prayerful consideration, and have a word with Caroline or one of the present Stewards for more information.

To borrow a phrase:- YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU !

Annual Church Meeting

The above meeting (to which everyone is invited) is scheduled for Tuesday 30thApril, and Sarah Jennings our Meeting Secretary requests that anyone who it due to submit a report prior to the meeting, does so by Sunday 14th April so that all reports may be prepared ready for circulation etc.

As usual the evening will commence with a fish and chip tea (for those who wish to partake), and we would request that you add your name and your requirements ASAP to the sheet that can be found in the vestibule.

Spring Cleaning Upper Storage Room.

This is a final reminder that this room will be tidied and sorted shortly and if you have any items within the store room, please mark them with what they are and the fact that you wish them to be kept there. Any items which appear to be unwanted and not likely to be used seasonally will be disposed of.

Release International – The Voice of Persecuted Christians from Christine Cockerill

The April to June issue of R.I’s “Voice” magazine is now available to read:- Contents include:-

* Faith under Fire – New for your prayers

* On the Run – how you are helping Christian refugees in Iraq and Lebanon.

* “I lost a million dollars – but gained Jesus” says Syrian Refugee John, (see page 8)

* Threatened and Beaten – why Pakistani Christians are fleeing to Thailand

* Government Review of Christian persecution – First independent review is welcomed

  • Missing for two years – Pray for Malaysian Pastor, Raymond Koh

  • Age 18-30? Or know anyone who is and would like to show love to our persecuted family through action & encouragement? See page 19 for information on a ‘Change-makers’ ministry trip to Sri Lanka.

  • This year’s Great Outdoors Church Service is on Sunday 26th May, remembering and praying for those who have been deprived of their meeting places or can only get together as believers in secret.

So much more to read – please do take the time to read some, if not all of the magazine, and continue to pray for and support our persecuted brothers and sisters in anyway you can. Thank You

N B All information marked * has been taken from the magazine.

Grass Cutting

Have you noticed how quickly the grass has started to grow where ever it can be found? Well, the grass around our Church is no different. David Smart is asking if anyone is able to offer any time to assist with grass cutting throughout the summer months. If you feel YOU may be able to offer your services, please consult with him or John Noble to establish what dates you can offer and thereby fill in the calendar in the vestibule. Fortnightly stints would be most helpful. (If required, tuition can be given on use of the mower!)

Fundraising for Christine Aid

Harry Whitehouse our Christian Aid Secretary advises that there will be a ‘Jumble Sale Coffee Morning’ on Saturday 18th May. If you have any items you wish to donate and/or need collecting please have a word with Harry who will be very pleased to hear from you. – Any of the following will be greatly appreciated :- Clothes, bric a brac, toys, books and CDs etc.

Pastoral Secretary

Christine Cockerill who is presently our Pastoral Roll Secretary, wishes to take a short break from the role and wonders if there is anyone within the Church Family who would be willing to take it on. Being able to use a computer is necessary as all names on our Pastoral Register must be kept up to date etc. If you are interested in what the role entails, please have a word with Christine – she will be very pleased to hear from you.

Please remember to keep saving postage stamps so we can support ‘Kidney Care’ Start number 2,270 now 2,409

Please remember to pop into the large green bin anything that can be passed on to local asylum seekers

Please remember that we, as a Church, are supporters of Fairtrade products


Thornaby Methodist Church – we are reminded that each Sunday morning from 10.30 am they have ‘Godly Play’ which is run by David Parkin. He says “Wonder and explore the Bible in a relaxed setting with your children – open to all”


Jesus said to his followers:

See, we are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written about the

Son or Man by the prophets will be accomplished.

For he will be handed over to the Gentiles, and he will be

mocked and insulted and spat upon.

After they have flogged him, they will kill him

and on the third day he will rise again.

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The next Grapevine, will be issued on 28th April 2019

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