GRAPEVINE – 26th to 9th February 2020

Church Family News

Please remember in your prayers:- Andrew Stoves who is presently in Durham Hospital. Andrew had a mild stroke whilst at work last week and was immediately taken up to Durham Hospital. He has weakened movements down his right side, but has already started on physiotherapy. It is hoped that a bed at North Tees will become available in the not too distant future so that he can be transferred not only nearer home, but also be able to get the occupational therapy and intensive physio he needs to get him quickly on the road to recovery – he is extremely frustrated that things aren’t going as quick as he wants them to, especially the sorting of a bed at North Tees. Please keep Andrew and family in your prayers. We think of all members of our church family who are maybe struggling with health problems, and we think of those who are due to undergo hospital tests, operations, treatments etc for various conditions or perhaps waiting for results and trust all will go well for them. We also remember all Church family and friends who can no longer share in fellowship with us because of being housebound or who are now in the loving care of Care Homes in the area, and feel sure that knowing they are in our thoughts and prayers is a comfort to them.

A message received from Joyce Millions reads as follows:- Joyce and family thank everyone for the cards and messages of sympathy, also the floral gifts and visits she has received during the last difficult weeks. They have all been of great comfort. God Bless.

It was with sadness that we heard of the death of Noreen Fewster. Noreen shared worship with us for many years until she was no longer able to due to ill health and dementia. When no longer able to live alone she went into the care of Welburn House where she has resided and been looked after for a number of years. We give thanks for Millie’s stalwart visits to Noreen and for always being able to keep us informed of her well being. May Noreen now sleep in peace with our Lord after her long illness.

Happy Birthday, Congratulations and Best Wishes to all who have Birthdays or Wedding Anniversaries during the next two weeks. We give a special mention for Sheila Carter who will celebrate her 92nd Birthday on 28th January and also Albert Jefferies who will be 87 on 1st February. Happy Birthday to you both for when your day comes round, from the Greens Lane Church Family.

Dates for your Diary


28th January

90 Minute Group


30th January

Circuit Meeting to be held at GL. All reps please try to attend


13th February

Finance and Property Committee Meeting. Reps pls try to attend

From David Smart

Many thanks to all who contributed to the ‘Shelter’ Appeal which raised £200. Please also note that our Christmas Day collection for Action for Children amounted to £236.00p. Both charities have now received cheques in the relevant amounts. Many thanks again.


The key to the post box on the porch wall is MISSING !!!! If you have accessed the box recently to retrieve mail, please check to see if you have popped the key in your pocket or bag – extracting mail at the moment is extremely DIFFICULT !!

Circuit Meeting – Thursday 30th January. (Please note the corrected date)

This is a special meeting when in addition to Circuit Meeting representatives from each church, there is an open invitation to anyone with an interest in the matters discussed at the “God in Love Unites us” recent Road shows. Please see the letter from Rev. Peter Catford on the board in the vestibule for more information.

Smalls for All’

This is the name of a small charity based in Scotland and send ladies underwear to Africa. If you are interested in helping at all, please have a word with Christine Smart for more details. There is now a box in the vestibule into which you can place any contributions. Thank You.

One is rubbish, many can become income

We are talking here about postage stamps!!!! Our ‘stalwart counter’ Sandra Wilkinson has finally got to the end of counting all the stamps that came in after Christmas and has stopped at 5,402. These have been forwarded throughout the year to the Kidney Care Charity to help those people suffering with kidney problems. As of this week we drop back to ‘0’ and Sandra starts counting again. Please ask friends to save ANY stamps for you, as so much is done by e-mail now, the number of stamps being used has dropped considerably. Thank You.

Lettings for Church Premises

Please be aware that whilst Dawn Stoves is here there and everywhere because of Andrew being in hospital, Christine and David Smart will handle all lettings, and should there be an enquiry for the hire of any part of our premises it should be made directly to the Smarts.

Please remember to pop into the large green bin anything that can be passed on to local asylum seekers

Please remember that we, as a Church, are supporters of Fairtrade products

Please remember to keep saving postage stamps so we can support ‘Kidney Care’

was 4.321 now 5,402(end of year total)


Eaglescliffe Trinity wish to advertise – on behalf of the Circuit – the ‘Living the Faith’ group which meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in the school room. One volunteer starts the discussion with a few minutes on the topic and it is then open for all to contribute respectfully until 9.00 pm with ‘on tap’ tea ! The group ends with the 2 Corinthians grace, recognising that we all exist in God’s grace, love and fellowship, forever. The meetings are open to all and free !!

Challenges in Pastoral Caring at Trinity Methodist Church, Acklam, Middlesbrough

This will be held on Saturday 29th January from 1.00 – 4.00 pm with Rev. Dr. Jonathan Pye, currently Chair of the Bristol District of the Methodist Church and a Hon Research Fellow, Centre for Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol. There will be three 45 minute sessions.

  • Why care? What do we mean by ‘pastoral care’ and how do we do it?

  • All that lives must die: Offering pastoral care in bereavement and loss

  • The greatest fear. Pastoral care for those with mental illness, disability of dementia.

    the sessions will be interactive and varied in content and resources, with opportunities for Q & A.

The next Grapevine, will be issued on 9th February 2020

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