The food programme at the Kinamba project.

The majority of the children at the project are under-nourished, a small number actually suffering from disease caused by malnutrition e.g. kwashiorkor. Many suffer from childhood anaemia.For some the lunch they receive is the main meal they eat each day. A nutritious porridge is served to all the children. It is made from sorghum and maize flours with added sugar. From 2007 we gave the children porridge and began to give lunch to 10 children in 2008

In the school year 2013-14 we served 41,272 cups of porridge and 16,936 lunches at a cost of £4,600 Food prices are rising very quickly in Rwanda and we expect the cost to be around £6,000 in 2014-15


 Lunch is always the same – a nutritious meal of rice with beans, vegetables, dried fish and soya flour for added protein. The result is better school attendance, reduced incidence of minor illnesses and stronger, healthier children, more able to concentrate on their school work.


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